Guest Mentoring with Dr Ian Weinberg

Join Dr Ian Weinberg and this fascinating exploration into:

  • Why is this work not adopted by mainstream medical systems yet?,
  • Common emotional states related to the thyroid or pituitary?,
  • Supplements such as 5HTP, SAme, Gaba to support mood and reduce anxiety and cortisol levels?,
  • Would coaching for independence and empowerment lead to changes in DNA?,
  • How can the Triangles diagnostic be used along side different varieties of sleep disorders?,
  • How does coaching change the neural pathways of those effected by varying degrees of deprivation?,
  • Exciting and first shared discoveries on ’empathy’ and neurotransmitters,
  • Link between PNE and ‘Mindfulness’

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About Dr Ian Weinberg

Ian Weinberg is a consultant neurosurgeon by profession. He is also a pioneer in the relatively new science of applied psychoneuro-endocrinology (PNE) which in effect is the enhancement of the physiology of wellness and performance through mind state optimization. In 1992, he developed the Triangles Model, which served as the core program for all facilitation and intervention. In 1999, he developed the first of the PNE diagnostics and in 2010 he developed the definitive Neurosomatics application. This application provided the coaching access to the chemistry of wellness, performance and leadership.

Ian is consulted by clinical, corporate and private individuals in regard to the implementation of wellness and performance-enhancing strategies. He continues to make himself available for workshops and presentations and also facilitates accredited medical workshops for the medical and para-medical professions.

Triangles Model