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Voices From The Edge – Michael Stratford

Join Michelle and Michael Stratford in this inspiring interview on gamifying your and your clients lives. Together they explore:

  • Gamification,
  • Challenging rules,
  • Fitting the game for your strengths and life,
  • Master coaching questions,
  • Much more

About Michael Stratford

Michael_Stratford_2Michael Stratford – Master Coach, Author, Speaker, “Provocateur of Transformation”

Michael is a champion of uniqueness. It’s been said he’s a blend of Robin Williams, and the Dalai lama. But that doesn’t include the business savvy, range and depth of experience garnered from 56 different jobs, his clearly provocative nature, and the mastery born of 2 decades of coaching clients from rock bands to Fortune 500 company execs and their teams.

Michael specializes in the Art of Provocative Inquiry for Leadership Development. His creativity, love of language, and sensing acuity have helped his clients align with emerging trends and personally congruent solutions. Michael has a light and playful approach. Yet through his keen insights, masterful coaching, and training, he quickly reveals a depth of knowledge and understanding on a wide range of human and organizational issues.

As part of leveraging his expertise, he created a curriculum for four coach training organizations, online programs such as Masterful Provocation, Masterful Evocateur and the 9 Agilities of the Evolutionary Coach. He’s authored 4 books on coaching including Masterful Questions which is regularly used in University coach training courses.

In the field of Executive Coaching, he has earned a reputation for helping others achieve a level of excellence in communication, leadership, and team performance. Michael has coached clients in diverse industries such as banking, IT, manufacturing and even the gaming world. Among others, he’s focused on Leadership Development at Cisco Systems, Ford, GM, GE, the Whirlpool Corporation, Wells Fargo, Healthcare Services IT, and Blizzard Entertainment, who produce the massive hit online game, ‘World of Warcraft’.

A prolific author, Michael doesn’t stop just with writing about coaching. He’s also penned Haiku, and a number of articles including:

  • “Mentorship: Wisdom of the Past Guiding the Leaders of the Future for Plexus Magazine
  • “Why Do Leaders Approve Training Programs but don’t bother to Grow themselves?” for
  • “Gamify Your Business” for the online magazine Pragmatic Marketer.

And while doing all of that, he has trained over 6,000 coaches worldwide. He’s even had time to run the NYC and San Diego Marathons, act on Broadway and Soap operas, and marry an Aussie who is his A to Z and then some.

Michael has three favorite keynote speeches: “Be Yourself or Die Someone Else!”; “Gamify Your Work” and “Provoke, Evoke or Go Home!”

“To be called a leader all one needs is followers, little more than sheep. To/be a great leader, one needs to be worthy of being followed. Leadership is not a job description, it’s Being in action. Great leaders are known for their ability to develop self-leadership in others, not for directing traffic and putting out fires. It is a ‘given’ that all human beings are unique. It takes a great leader to recognize the essence of that divine diversity and then take time to develop that magnificent potential into its fullest capacity.” from “QuintEssential Leadership” by Michael Stratford