Voices From The Edge – Michelle Duval

Join Robert Holmes in this inspiring and rare interview with Michelle Duval together they explore; 

  • Coaching entrepreneurs,
  • Where entrepreneurs fall on the spectrum of chaos to structure,
  • Start ups
  • And much more

About Robert Holmes

Robert-Holmes-430x654Robert is an expert in the science of human behaviour and performance enhancement with a passion for neurology, leadership and the psychology of potential.

His work involves bringing deep and honest insight to upgrade performance, build resilience, enhance communication and develop teams. He believes it is important to bring hard science to coaching, and that coaching practices be evidence based and research backed.

Robert is a founding partner at Frazer, Holmes Coaching and current Director of Brand and Marketing for the International Coach Federation Australasia (ICFA). Robert is a professionally certified coach (PCC) with over 20 years of business experience and an ICF Accredited Mentor Coach. His career has spanned coaching, consulting & facilitation; accounting, auditing & fraud investigation; public speaking, writing; & journalism; tourism and hospitality.

He is an Associate at the National Speaker’s Association, a member of the Coaching Psychology interest group at the APS, a certified Action Learning Coach, a Member of the Australian Institute of Management Consultants.

Robert is an international journalist and published author who writes for Brain Speak Magazine, the Library of Professional Coaching, Choice Magazine, Coaching World (US), Coach Link (Asia), International Coaching News (UK) and Coaching at Work (Europe). He has written six books ranging from works of management and coaching, to fiction and theology. He has a passion for community development and have overseen international aid projects, school building and education.

Robert has lectured for the ICF, NSW Police Force, RSM Bird Cameron, Energy Networking, Rotary, in High Schools, U3A, Chambers of Commerce, Business Councils and Universities.

About Michelle Duval

MICHELLE DUVAL RATING 5-55As a pioneer into new forms of learning, Michelle helped found the field of professional coaching in Australia in 1997 and became a leading voice forging developmental and transformational coaching worldwide.

She has co-authored two international handbooks on coaching, is featured in 10 books and sought out by media as a leading voice in the field.  She has coached thousands of individuals locally and internationally.

Having developed coaching psychology models used by professional coaches globally, Michelle has trained and certified executive, business and personal coaches in more than 35 countries.

As a coach mentor, Michelle assists new and experienced coaches build ethical and realistic coaching practices and business success strategies.  As a researcher she has led a world first study into the attitudes and motivations of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

Within Equilibrio, the first business Michelle found, she and a team of behavioural and developmental coaches work both personally and professionally with individuals and organisations.

Michelle’s personal specialty as a coach is working with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, CEO’s and creative artists such as writers, producers and actors.

Birthed out of her own personal experience with an aggressive life threatening brain disease, Michelle’s personal cause and mission is working with otherwise ‘incurable’ diseases by developing advanced coaching methodologies and the latest discoveries in neuroscience to facilitate well-being and even complete recovery.